Community Collaborations International


Volunteer Agreement

Community Collaborations International (CC International) will make all the necessary arrangements to provide you and your volunteer team with the opportunity to volunteer in the community for which you register. You agree to volunteer your time and talents to the best of your ability and to abide by the laws of the country and community where you serve.

The goal of CC International is to place volunteers where they are needed most and to get the most value out of each volunteer hour. CC International will organize and provide volunteers with safe and sanitary accommodations, three meals per volunteer day (vegetarian options at each meal), well organized, supervised, and safe volunteer projects, tools and equipment, safety and specialty clothing (if needed), and liability insurance, for all projects.

International programs only, a bilingual volunteer coordinator who will stay with the group throughout the project and all in country transportation is provided. International airfare and related international travel expenses are not included in the Project Service Fee.

These services are provided by CC International. A Project Service Fee is paid by volunteers to cover the costs associated with these services. A full refund of the Project Service Fee will be due to any participant who withdraws from the program 30 days or more before the project start date.

As permitted in accordance with applicable state law, and with respect to any claim or action arising out of the activities described or performed under this Agreement, the parties mutually agree that each will remain responsible for any and all liabilities, claims, damages, charges and expenses (collectively referred to as “liability”) incurred by reason of the negligence or willful misconduct of its employees, governing board members, students, faculty, agents or assigns arising from the activities under this Agreement; and that neither party shall by this Agreement transfer such liability to the other.