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Repair homes and rebuild communities on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Stay in the lovely beach town of Luquillo in a comfortable AirBnB with 7 bedrooms and accommodations for 12 guests.

For the first time, CCI is offering a volunteer experience to adult individuals and groups who wish to make a difference in Puerto Rico.

Our current project offering for individuals and groups is Feb. 3th – Feb. 10th with a capacity of 13 volunteers.

If you want to put a group of 8 – 12 together, fill out volunteer form.

CCI has been working in Puerto Rico for over 10 years focused on housing restoration projects, environmental conservation, early childhood education, and community-supported agriculture projects.

About Our Puerto Rico Projects

Housing and Resilience

  • Repair homes
  • Rebuild communities
  • Improve resiliency

Why is this work important?

“Safe and comfortable housing is essential for the well-being of our older adults. With the challenges Puerto Rico has faced in recent years, many elderly individuals find themselves living in inadequate conditions. Supporting housing rehabilitation projects is an important way to ensure that our seniors can age with dignity and security in their own homes.” says Carmen S. Morales, Director of the Puerto Rico Office for the Elderly Affairs

“The ongoing out-migration of our youth has left a significant gap in our society, making the elderly more vulnerable and in greater need of assistance. Supporting older adults in Puerto Rico is crucial for their well-being and for maintaining the social fabric of our communities.” says Margarita Irizarry, Executive Director of La Asociación Puertorriqueña de Personas Mayores

Youth and Environment

  • Plant trees, care for growing trees, and work in tree nurseries to support the recovery of the forests
  • Complete conservation and preservation projects in El Yunque National Forest.
  • Assist with local agriculture to help lower the amount of food imported
  • Work with young people at the Boys and Girls Club

Why is this work important?

“Community-supported agriculture is a critical component in addressing food security and promoting sustainable agriculture in Puerto Rico. By investing in local food systems, we can foster stronger communities, increase access to fresh produce, and reduce our dependence on imported goods. Volunteers who contribute to these projects are helping to create a more resilient and self-sufficient Puerto Rico.” says José A. Rivera, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Farm Bureau

“In the context of Puerto Rico’s ongoing challenges, providing quality early childhood education is more critical than ever. It’s essential to nurture the cognitive, emotional, and social development of our young children, laying a strong foundation for their future success. Support from volunteers and organizations can make a significant difference in ensuring equitable access to quality early education for all children on the island.” says Jorge A. Casillas, Executive Director of the Association of Early Childhood Education

“El Yunque is not only a crucial ecosystem for Puerto Rico, but it’s also a symbol of our rich natural heritage. Restoring and preserving this unique forest is essential for the island’s biodiversity, water resources, and the well-being of our communities. Volunteer efforts play a significant role in helping us achieve these goals and ensure a sustainable future for El Yunque National Forest.” says Carlos M. Rodríguez-Rivera, Forest Supervisor of El Yunque National Forest

Project Accomodations

Your villa is surrounded by stunning views of Luquillo Beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, and El Yunque National Rainforest. The villas are located only four blocks away from Luquillo Beach and local restaurants (Kiosks) Kiosks. The rainforest is less than a 10 minute drive away. The San Juan airport is about 40 minutes to west and the ferry to Vieques and Culebra Islands are only about 20 minutes away.


1. Solar energy to power the villa to become more carbon-neutral 

2. High-speed wireless internet

3. Infinity-edge pool with a sun lounge space, outdoor showers, bathrooms and a gazebo for shade. Open from 8am- 9pm.

**Please note that there may be times that you are sharing the pool with other guests, but we can assure you that you will have ample space to relax

4. Air conditioning in bedrooms

5. Bath and beach towels provided to guests

6. Free laundry facility offered at the villa

7. Landline phone with free calls to the USA and Puerto Rico

8. Smart TV’s with cable and adapted for Roku, Hulu, Netflix, etc. 

9. All new appliances and furniture

10. 24-hour backup power generator in the event the City power goes out

Project Plan - February 3rd - 10th, 2024

February 3                          ARRIVAL AND WELCOME

Saturday                  Arrive San Juan met by CCI Volunteer Coordinator

                                    Transfer to Luquillo AirBnB

                                     4pm  Refreshments, Welcome Meeting and Project Overview

                                   6:30 pm  Dinner at a local restaurant in the Kioskos

Feb 4                        RAINFOREST CAMP / PROJECT WORK

Sunday                    7am Transportation to camp

                                  7:30am Continental breakfast

                                  8am Team Introductions, camp orientation, work day details

                                 Noon Lunch

                                 1pm – 5pm Project work

                                 6pm Dinner at camp

                                 7pm Transportation to Airbnb

Feb 5-8                   PROJECT WORK

Mon-Thur              7am Continental breakfast at AirBnb

                                 7:30am Transportation to camp or work area

                                 8:30am Orientation and project work

                                 Noon Lunch at Camp or Brown Bag Lunch on location

                                 1pm – 5pm Project work

                                 6pm Dinner at camp

                                 7pm Transportation to Airbnb

Feb 9                      RECREATION DAY: CATAMARAN OR RAINFOREST TOUR (weather dependent)

Friday                    7am Continental breakfast at AirBnB

                                8am Transportation to Marina

                               9am-3pm Cruise, lunch included

                               4pm Transportation to AirBnB

                               6pm Dinner at local restaurant, Kioskos

Feb 10                 DEPARTURE

Saturday             8am Continental breakfast at AirBnB

                             10am Transfer to San Juan Airport

Project Service Fee

The Project Service Fee of $1500 per person is based on seven nights and eight days and includes all food, lodging, in-country transportation, full-time volunteer coordinator, project materials, liability insurance, and educational/recreational activity.