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Mississippi Gulf Coast Projects

Mississippi Gulf Coast Projects

About our Mississippi Projects

CCI began working on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina destroyed many communities. Since then frequent severe storms and sea level rise continue to displace residents. In addition to environmental disasters, Mississippi also suffers from food insecurity and childhood poverty more than any other state in the nation. Extremely high poverty rates, restrictions that deny access to benefits, high health care costs, lack of grocery stores, lack of accessible nutritional food, and institutional racism all negatively affect marginalized racial groups. The Gulf Coast ecosystem is also in need of help; water pollution, habitat destruction, and coastal erosion are harming this unique and beautiful place, as well as the people who live there. CCI volunteer teams work with our project partners to address these community needs.


The Gulf Coast Project volunteer facility is located near Biloxi, Mississippi and serves communities all along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

Project Description

Volunteer projects address a variety of needs including environmental restoration, early childhood education, homelessness, hunger, and disaster relief.

Environmental projects include shoreline restoration, native plant propagation, sea grass restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, dune restoration, storm water treatment, public land restoration and invasive species removal.

Community service projects include; working with community-based programs that serve youth, homeless, elderly and low-income members of the community.

Accommodations and Meals

CC International provides all food and lodging for your volunteer team.

We Provide:

A safe and comfortable place to sleep
Clean and sanitary showers and bathroom
Recreation Space
Internet Access
Meeting space
Three meals per day with a vegetarian option
Project Coordination

Each day volunteers will be served breakfast and pack a brown bag lunch before departing to their project site. A hot nutritious dinner will be served each evening. Vegetarian options are available for each meal and  refrigerator space is available to store personal food for those with special dietary needs. Each volunteer will need to furnish their own sleeping bag, linens, blankets, and towels.

Project Service Fee

The project service fee covers the cost of lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, project coordination, tools, safety equipment, project supplies, and insurance. $58.00 per person per day. (Transportation is not included) Fill out a volunteer team sign up form to get started.