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CC International provides for all food, lodging, volunteer project coordination, a full time bilingual guide, in country transportation, travel emergency medical insurance, support of project partners, and a recreation activity. Our Direct Trade Impact Exploration Guatemala is located in San Miguel Escobar, near the historic city of Antigua. Volunteers work with direct trade farmers and artisans to explore the impact of direct trade policies and complete projects that benefit the communities.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Guatemala and shuttle to San Miguel Escobar Orientation
Meet the farmers and volunteer team
Dinner in a farmer’s home

Day 2

Breakfast at volunteer lodging
Spend a day with local coffee farmers, and learn all the steps of coffee processing from the seed to the cup.
Lunch in farmer’s home
Hike the base of Vulcan Agua to the fields where you’ll pick coffee, then pulp it with bicycle power, start the fermentation, wash and dry it, dry mill, sieve, and sort it, and finally roast it on a traditional comal and grind it by hand on a grind stone. Oh-and drink it.
Dinner in farmer’s home

Day 3

Breakfast at volunteer lodging
Subsistence farming
Work alongside a subsistence farmer in the tropics in doings daily tasks of farming a small plot by hand. Not only is it fulfilling work, but you’ll understand the world a little better by the end.
Lunch in farmer’s home
Coffee planting
Dinner at the volunteer lodging
Evening: Optional movie night and discussion

Day 5

Breakfast at volunteer lodging
3 mile hike over the base of Vulcan Agua, where you’ll see those nisperos, anonas, and other trees up close, and maybe even try a couple. He’ll be happy to take you through the colonial palace if you’d like.
Lunch is in the fields, a special treat of local fare. While you eat, Filiberto will share his stories with you—of particular interest are his encounters with the guerillas during the civil war.
In town once again, you’ll go to one of our greenhouses where we’ll put you to work preparing seedlings for our future tree plantings.
Dinner in farmer’s home

Day 6

Breakfast at volunteer lodging
Visit weaving cooperative in Santiago Zamora
We’ll while the day away with the ladies of an indigenous weaving cooperative. They will teach you how to weave artistic weaving as well as petate, a read mat. Learn their folkloric dances, the history of their town, and how they are working to improve it. This tour takes place in real time, at the pace of our indigenous hosts.
Lunch at Cooperative
Afternoon making burlap bags or metal working with local artisans
Dinner in farmer’s home

Accommodations and Meals

CC International provides all food, lodging and project coordination so that your volunteer team can focus on completing projects. Volunteers will stay in volunteer facilities that have been inspected and approved by CCI. CCI provides all transportation once volunteer teams have arrived in Puerto Rico (Flights to Puerto Rico are not included in the Project Service Fee)

Safe and clean sleeping areas
Clean and functional bathroom facilities
Sanitary food services
Access to medical support
Onsite communications
Fresh water


The recreation program will vary based on the location of your project. Possible activities include rainforest hiking, rafting, surfing, snorkeling and horseback riding. The recreational activity is included in the project service fee.

Project Service Fee

The Project Service Fee of $985.00 per person is based on seven nights and eight days, and includes all food, lodging, in country transportation, full time volunteer coordinator, project materials, liability insurance, and educational/recreational activity. Project Service Fee does not include flights to and from Costa Rica. Fill out a volunteer team sign up form to get started.