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Community Collaborations International


Environmental, disaster relief, and human service
projects for volunteer teams

What cci provides For your team

For over 20 years, CCI has been building relationships with local community partners and recruiting volunteer teams to support their efforts to complete environmental, disaster relief, and human service projects.

We have worked with over 250 universities and high schools and over 30,000 student volunteers. We know what it takes to provide your team with the support it needs to have a positive impact on the communities we serve and a fulfilling experience for your volunteers. 

  1. Pre-project Communication: We provide background information about the community you choose and the projects you will be working on. This support allows your team to properly prepare for their project and hit the ground running!
  2. All Inclusive Logistics: The CCI Project Service Fee includes all food, lodging, safety equipment, tools, materials, and a well-trained volunteer coordinator for each project. We take care of you so you can focus on your project.
  3. Well Planned Projects: CCI directly manages all aspects of the service experience. We have been working with our community partners for many years and begin planning for your particular project months prior to your team’s arrival.
  4. Funding Support: We understand it is difficult for students to raise the funds needed to cover travel and other costs associated with participating in a weeklong volunteer project in another community or country. We raise funds from individuals and businesses partners to help offset project costs.
  5. Post-Project Follow-up: We believe it is important that your team understands the long term impact of their service experience and facilitate ongoing communication with the community partners they serve.

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