Gulf Coast Eco-System Restoration and Community Service- Florida

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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration and Community Service Projects are located along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  The Gulf Coast of Florida is a great place for winter break because the Gulf Coast climate is great for outdoor projects in December and January.


The Gulf Coast Project volunteer facility is located near DeFuniak Springs, Florida on 53 acres of forestland property.


Volunteer Comments from Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration and Community Service

  • I loved that the projects were physically challenging. I liked knowing "why" we were doing certain projects so that it was meaningful. It was nice of the camp leader to let the volunteers know that their hard work paid off. You guys are doing great things! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it :)

  • I really enjoyed that everyday we were able to participate in different jobs, it kept things interesting.

  • The projects on the beach and in the sun were quite enjoyable. Hearing a speaker on Thursday night helped the students to understand that their work was appreciated and made a difference.

  • I loved doing the oyster reef projects because we got to bag them one day and put them on a barge and then we got the opportunity to take them off the barge and put them in the water. That was definitely something I loved was seeing the whole project out.

  • I really enjoyed the chance to get out and really do some work and see the progress we made. It gave me a chance to see what kind of things I will be doing for the rest of my life as an Environmental Science major.


Eco-System Restoration

The primary purpose of the project is gulf coast eco-system restoration.  Volunteers will complete projects such as; Shoreline restoration, Native plant propagation, sea grass restoration, wild-life habitat improvement, dune restoration, storm water treatment, public land restoration and invasive species removal.

Community Service

Community service projects include; working with community-based programs that serve youth, homeless, elderly and low-income members of the community.

Volunteers will participate in a variety of eco restoration projects.  In addition to environmental projects, volunteers may also choose to in a variety of other community based projects addressing child welfare, poverty, homelessness, immigration, and education. 

Environmental projects are designed to build an understanding of coastal ecosystems and watersheds and how they affected by manmade and natural disasters. Other community based projects are designed to serve families and individuals impacted economically.


CC International adheres to the standards set by the American Red Cross for housing and feeding volunteers.   
We Provide:

  • A Place to Sleep

  • Clean and sanitary showers and bathroom

  • Recreation Space

  • Internet Access

  • Meeting space

  • Three meals per day with a vegetarian option

  • Project Coordination

Each day volunteers will be served breakfast and make their own brown bag lunch before departing to their project site. Dinner will be served each evening. Vegetarian options are available for each meal, refrigerator space is available to store personal food for those with special dietary needs.


 The project service fee covers the cost of lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, project coordination, tools, safety equipment, project supplies, and insurance. $38.00 per person per day. (Transportation is not included)

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