South Carolina Flood Relief

"The damage to homes and businesses  created by the most intense rainfall ever recorded in  South Carolina will take years to repair. We expect the damage to his city to range into the billions of dollars."

-Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin


Our mission is to place volunteers where they are needed most, and right now that is helping South Carolina's flood victims.  CC International has responded to every major U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.  CC International is organizing teams from colleges and universities interested in helping out in South Carolina.

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Over the next few weeks CC International staff will be traveling in South Carolina, meeting with first responders and identifying a place to set up our volunteer headquarters.  We will be ready to house and feed volunteers at our Volunteer Headquarters beginning in December 2015 and continuing through at least April 2016 (Winter and Spring Break).  We have worked with hundreds of universities, and thousands of students, and have awards from The American Red Cross and the State of Mississippi for our disaster relief efforts.


We provide a continental breakfast, a brown bag lunch, and a hot nutritious dinner each day for volunteers.


CC International takes a holistic approach to community recovery. In addition to homes directly impacted by the weather, local community organizations, such as food banks and after school programs, struggle to meet  the increased needs of their clients and constituents. Many of these organizations and their staff members have suffered direct impact from the flood.  CC International volunteers will work to help these organizations serve their constituents and get back on their feet.


The project service fee covers the cost of lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, project coordination, tools, safety equipment, project supplies, and insurance. $35.00 per person per day. (Transportation is not included) 

Complete our Online Volunteer Team Signup Form to Send a Team of Volunteers to South Carolina 

There is plenty of work to do and we need your help to get it all done!