About CC International

As individuals, our impact is limited, when we pool our resources and work together much can be accomplished.

This is what CC International is all about, organizing teams of volunteers from universities and colleges all over the country and putting them to work where they are needed most. When your team volunteers with CC International you will work side by side with student volunteers from across the country on well planned meaningful projects. Everyone does their part and lots of work gets done.

CC International serves your volunteer team so you can focus your energy on direct community service. We do extensive planning so you can “hit the ground running” when you arrive at your CC International Alternative Break Project. We take care of food, lodging, tools, safety equipment, permits, and all project coordination. We work year after year in many communities (we have been working in New Orleans for seven years) and have a variety of projects addressing issues such as homelessness, the environment, disaster relief, early childhood education, etc. CC International has worked with over 100 colleges and universities and thousands of student volunteers. We know what universities need, we carry the required insurance and adhere to American Red Cross Standards for housing and feeding volunteers.

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